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当你赌场下注链接在科罗拉多斯普林斯找房子的时候, 禁止刘易斯牧场 (BLR) will surely be on your list with several homes to view and builders to visit. 这个总体规划的社区是城镇发展最快的地区之一, 为居民提供许多有吸引力的设施.


露丝·班宁是独立派, 24-year-old Colorado woman when she took over the family businesses after her brother unexpectedly died at an early age. The Wellesley graduate left her teaching position to take over management of her family’s estate. She sold the local ice delivery company to focus on the Banning Ranch and its award-winning Hereford cattle. 1921年,她悄悄地嫁给了雷蒙德·刘易斯.  露丝于1962年去世,雷于1978年去世.

雷死前很久就把农场卖了. After the ranch was sold, there was a lot of bankruptcy and trading the land back and forth. 2014年,班宁刘易斯牧场被卖给了目前的开发商. BLR是科罗拉多斯普林斯最大的开发项目,占地24,000英亩. 这片土地最初是在1988年并入该市的, but in 2018 there was revision of the annexation agreement to make land development easier and cheaper while retaining quality of life for the 62,BLR上的000名未来居民.



而BLR目前仍被认为是科罗拉多斯普林斯的东端, 如果我们城市预测的增长是准确的,这将不会持续太久. At some point in the near future 科罗拉多斯普林斯 and Falcon/Peyton will grow together.

直接在小区附近购物有点稀疏, 所以居民们通常会去异能者的走廊买食物. This will surely change over the next few years as businesses discover the service need of eastside residents in this exploding area.

想去丹佛百事中心看一场音乐会吗? 你至少需要90分钟才能到那里. If you are planning to see the Christmas Parade in downtown 科罗拉多斯普林斯, 只有30分钟的路程.

班宁刘易斯牧场似乎离镇上的其他地方有点远. This is probably one of the reasons the developer tried to offer as much as possible within BLR itself. 然而, 你会有一个新家, 一个新的现代社区, and many neighbors and amenities that you wouldn’t have close by in other areas of town. 说实话, everything you need in 科罗拉多斯普林斯 is usually no further than 30 minutes away (traffic permitting).




  • 30分钟后到施里弗空军基地
  • 离彼得森空军基地后门9英里
  • 距离卡森堡20英里
  • 大约25分钟到空军学院



  • BLR人口为8,919人.
  • 有近3000户人家.
  • 大约一半的家庭有孩子,一半没有.
  • In this area, about 75% of homes are owner occupied and 25% are tenant occupied.
  • 平均家庭收入$ 67170
  • 家庭收入中位数为84,167美元

*通过 Demographic data shown in the demographic section was gathered from the 2017 American Community Survey and is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. 没有表示, guarantee or warranty is made as to the accuracy or completeness of information modified or aggregated for specific neighborhoods and/or zip codes.


总的来说,新建楼盘总是能与现有楼盘相媲美. New construction gives you the opportunity to choose what your home will look like, 它在哪里, 你想要什么升级. 你基本上可以实现95%的梦想.

如果你选择建造, it’s important to consider that you’ll likely have to wait until it is completed unless it’s a “spec home” (a home the builder started in hopes to find a buyer prior to completion). 新建房屋的额外成本通常包括:景观美化, 冰箱, air conditioning (did you know that air conditioning is not a standard feature in Colorado homes?). You’ll likely get more for your money if you can find an existing home that you like.


注意:并非所有建筑商都在REALTOR®挂牌服务上列出他们的房屋, 哪个会使这些数字倾斜.


  • 51 single family 禁止刘易斯牧场 homes actively listed on the REALTOR® listing service.
  • 过去90天售出了50套房子
  • 价格在27.3万美元到52.2万美元之间
  • 上市日数:72 (this is higher than other areas of 科罗拉多斯普林斯 because new construction homes tend to be listed and on the market from the beginning of construction until closing).
  • 平均房价:35.8万美元
  • 房价中值:34.2万美元
  • 平均价格每平方英尺:136美元




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班宁刘易斯牧场对这个社区有宏伟的计划. The community is intended to be its own independent town with very little reason to venture out or go far.

The Ranch House recently transitioned over to a recreation center for BLR residents. 想要健身? 使用宽敞的健身房, 少年奥林匹克游泳池, 或者在科罗拉多美丽的阳光下享受一场网球比赛. 水上公园将提供一个快速和有趣的夏季凉爽.

为了增加社区的步行性, the developers decided that each home will not be further than one or two blocks away from a park or trail. The emphasis on outdoor recreation and enjoyment is reflected throughout this development.


禁止刘易斯牧场 tries to address and accommodate every lifestyle and life stage. There are options for you if you are young and just starting your home buying journey, 已经有了家庭,需要一个更大的房子, 或者,如果你想要精简生活方式. 都在这里. 你可以呆在你认识你的邻居的地方,建立你的朋友圈.


这是一个由城市房屋设计的低维护社区. They feature main-level living, open floor plans, and a concept for a lock and leave lifestyle. This is a great choice for empty nesters or military members who frequently travel but enjoy a high-quality home.

Oakwood Life, 55岁以上的社区:即将到来(2019年)

一个55+的社区,为其居民提供了大量的活动! 这一点也不像辅助生活——它只是简单的生活. Low maintenance, smaller homes with resort style living and connecting with neighbors. 这个社区将是赌场下注导航斯普林斯市的第一个.


This neighborhood offers something that is hard to get in 科罗拉多斯普林斯: a lovely single-family home for well under $300,000. The homes range from 2 – 4 Beds and they are arranged in clusters around private, 鹅卵石死路. 他们有小的后院. 绝对值得一看.


PRO tip: If you decide to visit a builder, tell them you are working with a REALTOR. Many builders will not let you work with a real estate agent if you don’t tell them right away.

While these builders seem very similar, they are all definitely worth a separate look. 每个建造者都有一个或多个模型.


经典的房屋 has probably built a majority of the homes in 科罗拉多斯普林斯–that’s how long they’ve been around! They have 24 floor plans to choose from in 禁止刘易斯牧场, starting in the low 300’s-400’s.


自班宁刘易斯牧场开放以来,奥克伍德住宅一直在那里修建. They have proven to be the most flexible by offering floor plans for changing lifestyles and individual buyer trends. Their homes start in the mid 200’s and range into the luxury market price range of 700+.


就像经典住宅一样,他们的建筑设计从300 -400年左右赌场下注链接. They also offer 24 floor plans with total square feet ranging from 2,341-4,097.



PRO Tip: Most home buyers add about 10% of their purchase price in upgrades.



HOA费用取决于你住在哪个BLR地区. 费用从每月84-129美元不等.



总是有很多活动在进行 BLR事件日历. The summer concerts are spectacular and provide opportunities for neighbors to be together as a community. Other offerings include art classes, holiday running events or pickle ball tournaments.


班宁刘易斯牧场有自己的特许学校 猎鹰区29:

  • 班宁刘易斯牧场学院k -8年级
  • 班宁刘易斯预备学校th-12级



  • Ridgeview K-5小学
  • 斯泰森K-5小学
  • 斯普林斯农场小学


  • 天景中学- 6-8年级
  • 猎鹰中学- 7-8年级
  • 地平线中学- 6-8年级


  • Vista岭高中-年级9 - 12
  • 沙溪高中,9-12年级
  • 猎鹰高中- 9-12年级


以下是这些学校的评分和排名 学校的挖掘机.

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班宁刘易斯牧场为居民提供了很多. 不同生活方式和生活阶段的新家, 丰富的设施, 整个社区的步行性, 还有进入好学校的机会.